About Us


Warwick Directories was founded in 2005 with the launch of our first publication The Hilton Directory, now named Hilton & Dove Valley Life.

The business was started when I noticed a gap in the business advertising market. Why pay thousands of pounds to advertise to a whole county when all you want is business on your doorstep?! (or within a 10 or so mile radius)

And so, I created a handy sized monthly magazine that had the community to which it is delivered at its' heart.

My aim was to create a good quality monthly magazine that would be a communication tool for the community and offer small, local businesses a cost effective means of advertising.

Its' beauty comes from the perfectly sized distribution numbers, meaning that we can convey local information, offer a targeted and timely advertising medium whilst keeping costs affordable to even the smallest business.

We wanted to offer friendly, helpful marketing advice, calling upon academic qualifications, personal skills and experience. We understand the needs, constraints and demands of a small local business, because we are one.

These are still our core values today.

Always happy to help!